About Us

Founder’s Mission

Thanks for visiting our website!  My name is Mary Mauldin Pereira and as founder and president of oneLOVEPets, I want to make a difference for animals in need on the Caribbean islands of St. Kitts and Nevis.

As a veterinarian who has taught at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on St. Kitts for over 9 years, I truly recognize the critical need to provide preventative healthcare to the neglected animal populations of St. Kitts and Nevis.

With the continuing growth of OneLOVEPets, we have recognized a need for us in other areas of the world as well!  We are starting our expansion into the United States with the help of corporate partners and student ambassadors.  Keep up with our expansion through our newsletter!


What is oneLOVEPets?

oneLOVEPets is a non-profit organization that gives your pet(s) a voice.  Our concept derived from wristbands that represent support for people’s lives; our version for pets is a collar tag.

Pets show support for animals in need by wearing our tag!


No Pets?  People can also show their love!  Our tag is perfect as a luggage identifier or to display on your key chain, book bag, golf clubs, etc!

Board of Directors

How are we making a difference?

Proceeds from the purchase of our tags supports animals in need.  The sale of just 2 tags buys one month of parasite protection for the neglected and homeless dogs and cats in needy communities.  Specifically, we administer tick/flea collars and heartworm prevention.