oneLOVEPets is a non-profit organization (registered 501c3) that gives pets a voice.  Our concept derived from wristbands that represent support for people’s lives; our version for pets is a collar tag.  Through pets or people, supporting oneLOVEPets means you have our heart shaped tag in action!

Our collar tag is perfect for any company looking to showcase their love for animals in need.  Money from your company’s purchase gives parasite protection for the neglected animals around the world. Specifically, we administer tick/flea collars and heartworm prevention.

How to Gift our Tag?

Our tag is your gift to the client.  We suggest gifting our OneLOVEPet’s tag with the accompanying information card to your clients who are aware of the importance of parasite prevention in their pets.  These clients could include:

  • Clients who purchase 6 months of parasite prevention for their pets.
  • Clients who regularly board their pet with your business.
  • Clients who complete training programs with your business.
  • Clients who use grooming services regularly with your business

Check out your contribution options.  Look at the difference that your company’s involvement can make to animals in need!


 Number of Tags  50  100  250  500
Number of information cards explaining our mission and your company’s support     50  100 250  500
 Contribution $140.00 $280.00  $670.00  $1250.00
Number of dogs or cats to receive one month of parasite protection
 16  24  81  165

How can your company can get started?

Please email squinn@onelovepets.com and we will work together to make a difference through gifting a tag that gives back to needy animals.

oneLOVEPet Donations and Contributors

Thank you for SPREADING the LOVE and MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the lives of animals in need!

Our most recent Donations and Contributors.

Niles Veterinary Clinic

A big thank you to Niles Veterinary Clinic for becoming our first small business sponsor!