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Become a Student Ambassador for OneLOVEPets!

oneLOVEpets is searching for students looking to pursue a career in veterinary medicine who are passionate about animal welfare and preventative health care to help us share our mission!


To connect with students looking to pursue a career in veterinary medicine around the world to help us share our mission to educate communities about the importance of parasite protection for their pets and support this mission by providing parasite prevention to animals in need.


Our goal is to have a student chapters nationwide and around the world to aid in our mission.  These chapters would share our message by the sale of our cornerstone tag and other fundraising events as seen fit by the individual chapter.


Each chapter would nominate a charity of their choice to receive the funds that their individual chapter raised each year!


Campus Chapters:


Louisiana State University

We are proud to announce that Louisiana State University has joined the One Love Pets family!  Welcome our student ambassadors for Louisiana State University – Mary Kate and Karen!



To become a Student Ambassador or for more information contact us at